Cado’s – or French Crepe-Art

The past few weeks have been exceptionally warm and sunny in Rostock. Witnessing a heatwave always tempers my appetite for a solid meal, so I decided to have a lunch at Cado’s, my favourite crêperie in the Old Town district. 

I only know about Cado’s because a good friend asked me to join her for lunch the other day (the fact that she’s not just a good friend, but also French, puts a further stamp of approval on the place). 

It is one of those hidden gems to be found at best when you stroll around the city without a particular aim in mind. I asked many of my friends from Rostock if they have heard of Cado’s, and just one of them gave me an affirmative answer! The fact that the café is small and situated in an area far away from the busy streets between Neuer Markt and Doberaner Platz might be a reason for that lack of knowledge. However, there is a good chance that all the tables and chairs are already occupied, in spite of having a small outdoor-terrace. 

So if you fancy to give it a try after my lively description, make a reservation and you’re good to go 🙂

Now that you made your way to this lovely place, you can choose from a variety of mouth-watering, freshly-made crepes. It doesn’t matter if you fancy them sweet or savoury, there’s one for everyone. On top of crepes, Cado’s offers also proper meals, yet they often change. This comes in handy, if your company isn’t really into crepes, they can choose something else.

Above you can see the selection my two friends and I took (mine was the one with goat cheese, self-made fig mustard, and rocket). 

When they served the crepes, I was flabbergasted by their appearance! This isn’t just a crepe – it’s crepe-art! Even though the presentation is an eye-catcher, the food porn doesn’t end here; they taste as good as they look. The ingredients were rich in flavour, tasted fresh and seemed of good quality.

Cado’s also sells good coffee, and you may become a major fan of their self-made fig mustard and other delicious things. It’s definitely nothing for people with a small budget, however, I wouldn’t call it too expensive since it is reasonable priced, keeping the quality of the food in mind. You should be aware that if you’re starving to death and still want to get some good food, you might need to eat two to three crepes to effectively fight the hunger. Consequently, the crêperie is more about eating and enjoying the food consciously, a motto that suits the contemporary food-trend.

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