The City Harbour and Barbecuing: Two Ingredients to Win the Rostocker’s Hearts

Hey y’all! Today’s weather got me like crazy. It’s been such a long time since I could leave my apartment without a jacket or anything as I had to in the winter. This is exactly the time when all the citizens of Rostock set off for the city harbour to have a nice barbecue in the sun. Fun fact: Did you know the coastal area of Mecklenburg owns the silver medal when it comes to the most sun hours on average in Germany?

Especially in Spring, when people are craving for some warm sun beams on their skin, Rostock can be incredibly packed. And if you like meeting new people as much as I do, this is the perfect precondition for you. 

Like a magic spell, the scent of grilled food, the sun beams and the music of countless bluetooth boxes causes the ‘Rostocker’ (which is how we call the people of Rostock) to turn into the most sociable and easy going person you can imagine.

Taken together all those factors, it gets more than likely you become involved in social games and amusing conversations, giving you the opportunity to sneak into the genuine life of the young generation. If this little story triggers your inner chef, just go ahead and I promise, you won’t regret it! You can get disposable barbecues in every supermarket or gas station! Oh, and don’t worry about drinking in public: notwithstanding the many laws outside Germany where consuming alcohol in public spaces is prohibited, Germany, cradle of the finest beers in the world, lets you enjoy your booze wherever you want. 

Mecklenburg has a considerable variety of good beers that are quite popular among the locals, for instance M&O or Störtebeker, the latter named after a very famous seaman from the late middle ages, which got awarded at the 2014 Beer World Cup. Why not give it a try or share it with your newfound baltic friends? You can get your beer at every supermarket, shop or newsstand. It’s further important to mention that although the harbour is quite big, the lively area largely concentrates on a comparatively small section next to the restaurant Zum Alten Fritz.

Rostocker like all Germans, care for their environment. Hence, if you wan’t to leave a good and lasting impression, please be responsible with your waste and half the job is already done winning the hearts of the locals.

One last tip: If you’re out for socialising with local people, why not just (deliberately) forget your lighter? It’s the perfect excuse to get involved in conversations and games the Rostocker love to play on the harbour.

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