Be Sherlock for an Hour and Save the World

I am a person, who is totally addicted to the Sherlock Holmes series. It shows the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch solving one big mystery after another. His mind always seems so clever, that it must be supernatural. If you and your friends or family also want to feel like Sherlock for an hour, I can totally recommend the “CryptoRoom” in the “Peter Weiss-Haus”, which is located in the Doberaner Str. 21 in Rostock, just a 1-minute walk away from the big tram station “Doberaner Platz”. As it is really hard to find a free parking spot in this area, you should take the tram number 1,2,3,5 or 6 to go there, depending on your starting point. The price of the game is €60 and you can play it with 2 to 6 people.


Having arrived at the so called “PWH” you need to climb up the stairs on the left side of the building. There you will find a door which says “CryptoRoom” and you meet the person who is your game master for the next hour and describes the mysterious scenario into which you are about to dive: It is the very famous painter Leopold who is able to destroy the world with the power of his paintings. But if you are clever enough, you maybe will be able to save the planet!

You will enter the colourful atelier of Leopold which is peppered with so many different and complicated riddles and boxes with combination locks, which you have to unlock. As a group you have to go through this jungle of logical thinking until your heads are spinning. If you are really stuck at one point of the game, there is always the game master who will listen and watch you with the help of cameras from outside and could give you some advice. Believe me, it is not a relaxing activity, but after solving the mystery and saving the world, you will be totally proud of your clever thinking and team work…and by the way you become a saviour of the world…just like Sherlock. 😉

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