Running in Rostock: Barnsdorfer Wald – Lindenpark – City Habor

If you enjoy running and have a hotel in the city center, you have three possibilities do go for a run. The first one would be the most beautiful one – along the city harbor. If you start close to the city center, you’ll have to take the route to the right. You’ll first have the Warnow to you left and enjoy the view over to Gehlsdorf. If you are a good runner keep going forward. On the map it’s shown, what way to take to get on the other side of the Warnow and enjoy the skyline of Rostock, while walking on a gravel path, which is also good for you knees. The route is almost 6 to 7km long (depends on where you start your run) and if you make it to Gehlsdorf and you’re done with your life, just take the ferry to the other side and you’ll be back in the city center.

The second possibility is to run in the Lindenpark. It’s really central and locals use it often in the evening hours. So if you like running some rounds and see some dogs (the Lindenpark is meanwhile also known as the Dog Park) – here is where you want to run. I don’t usually go the for my run, because I prefer running alone or to take my dog with me. But since he’s barking at other people while we do our sports, he’s better in the next running option. The Barnsdorfer Wald.

The last possibility is the Barnsdorfer Wald. You can take the tram to get there or you run there from the city center and you might also pass the Lindenpark on your way. In the Barnsdorfer Wald you don’t have just paths that go straight forward or a lot of other joggers running around, like in the Lindenpark. The roads are a mixed, some are out of gravel, some are asphalted and some usual forest paths. One can run some rounds or choose different paths through the forest. One round is almost 3km long, so this possibility is rather good for starters.

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