A Whole Year of Winter (or Check the Weather before Coming to Rostock!)

Summer is the best week of the year.
This article was written in an hour of frustration about the weather changing to stormy and rainy after spending the day in the library and wanting to spend some time outside after working the whole day.
The following picture was taken on the 23rd June 2017. You might expect the sun to be shining and the sky to be blue while reflecting its colours on the sea but… Just see yourself:

My friends keep saying how lucky I am to live close to the Baltic Sea coast. And they are right. It is potentially quite awesome to just have an hours’ bike ride or hop on the train and be at the beach in half an hour.
From my friends’ perspectives I have to tell you – they were disappointed. Even when one of them came in July and we were planning on going to the beach, the weather changed quite unreliably. With my best friend I use to say that there are four types of autumn here in the North Eastern part of Germany: the springy kind of autumn, the summery kind of autumn, the actual autumn, and the wintery autumn. The perks of having a whole year of autumn/winter? You can always bring your raincoat! And forget about the idea of bringing an umbrella because the wind will destroy it anyways. So, expect rainy and windy autumny weather the whole year long and stay positive. Because even if there is a lot of wind you can still go kite or windsurfing. 🙂 You are going to be wet in any event. (Find courses and rental material here.)

Being a real “Rostocker” though means not to care about the weather and go to the beach anyways. Up here in the North of Germany in low German (Plattdütsch), this kind of weather is called “Schietwedder” which simply translates to foul weather. Keep an ear out for the people around you cursing “Schietwedder!” throughout the rainy days.

And another low German word you always need in Rostock is “Moin”. It does sound like “Morgen” (morning) but you can simply use it like “Hi” including to say it in the middle of the night.

Make the best of the weather regardless of how intensely disappointing it can be and have safe travels, Katrin

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