Summer, Sunshine, Sun Screen – the 3 Essentials You Need for Canoeing in MV

Yes, that’s true. It’s truly all you need for an excellent time in Mecklenburg Western Pommerania (MV). Summer makes everything a little better when exploring our country, especially when you want to try out something active.

Canoeing is becoming more and more popular among tourists but also among locals. It provides you with a chance to explore MV from a whole new side. It can be so relaxing and peaceful – IF you have enough sun screen with you and are a good map reader.

Two years ago, my friends and me were out and about canoeing on the Warnow. We rented canoes for the day on this website and decided to go on the “Adventure Tour Mildenitz Warnow”. The name says the truth: it was a real adventure.

The rental station is a little car drive away from Rostock (approx. 1 hour). We shared our cars as there were eleven of us. The rental station in Sternberg (see map below) is located in a very idyllic spot, and so the canoe tour was this, too. We paddled through breathtaking rivers (watch out for deep hanging trees – you’ll definitely get in touch with our nature), a wide-ranging lake (watch out – if there’s always a bigger fish, there’s also a bigger boat) and even a small rapid (watch out for showoffs who say “this little rapid is no problem for us” and then capsize).

The rental station offers you different tours, and their website shows you the length of each route and the estimated time the tour should take. There are also shorter routes which I would recommend if you are with children. The prices for renting a canoe depend on the tour you want to take. As I said above, we took the Adventure tour Mildenitz Warnow. It was a cracking tour, but unfortunately we went astray as our leading canoe mis-read the map. We were paddling and paddling and paddling, looking for a sign that should have guided us from the lake into a smaller river. After about an hour of directionless paddling, I then asked a group of men who were fishing at the lake where we had to go and they were like “Oh you have to go back half the way, you took the wrong turn”. No comment on how delighted I was to hear that…

At the rental station, you will get a short introduction, a map, and a plastic barrel in which you can put valuables like your mobile phone or snacks on your canoe. Then the employees drive you to your starting point with a van, and they also collect you at the finishing point.

It’s an awesome activity in summer when the weather is brilliant, and I am sure you will have a lot of fun. But all the fun let’s you forget your health consciousness, so here’s a little reminder: use sun screen!!! I once had the worst sunburn in my life after a canoe trip at school. Looking and feeling like a freshly-cooked lobster isn’t as funny as it sounds or looks.

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