Sustainable Travels – A Zero Waste Guide to Rostock

When traveling a lot of people don’t want to give up on their sustainable lifestyle habits. In the following blog post I will tell you about the best places to get your food and other basic needs without packaging to make your trip to Rostock as green as possible.
There are several kinds of farmers’ markets on Neuer Markt or Doberaner Platz during weekdays. Though, you will find the most amazing one takes place every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Especially in summer not only will you find a whole lot of organic produce but also self-producers who sell seasonal and authentic fruits and veggies. They mostly pack their sold produce or flowers in old newspaper which is kind of cool but if you ask them nicely they will just hand over your goods. Also they are very happy when people avoid packaging and often start a little discussion. This way I got a lot of people aware of too much packaging and waste back when I was working on the organic market myself. 🙂

So far every other bakery was very happy to give me my buns, bread or pastries over the counter to let me roll it up in my cotton cloth or cloth bag. My two favourite bakeries are both close or at Doberaner Platz. One of them is called “Mühlenbäckerei”. They have a whole bunch of vegan pastries and cake and everything is organic and allergy friendly. They bake with buckwheat, spelt, khorasan wheat but also the common grains like rye and wheat.

The other one is just called “Backerei” (bakery) and you will find it on Friedrichstraße. It is rather inconspicuous but definitely worth to have a look on their products. They have one of the oldest sour doughs in whole Rostock and bake their bread freshly every morning. They also make their own cakes, pastries and buns and have the most amazing croissants in Rostock. It definitely didn’t have a renovation since The Fall of the Wall but for me it is one of the most authentic and real bakeries in the world. You should head down the street to the City Harbour to enjoy your pastries on the stairs and watch the boats passing by!

For cooking, you will find the basic ingredients like sugar, flour, rice, sunflower seeds, oats, lentils, pasta and other dried goods at Bio-Kogge. They just opened their organic zero waste store and are always happy to have a little talk about their passion!

And in case you forgot your toothbrush to keep up the oral hygiene after eating, let me tell you where to get a new toothbrush.

Freiraum is a cute shop on Barnstorfer Weg and they sell bamboo brushes from the water neutral company Hydrophil.

Enjoy your stay and keep up the good will to keep our environment healthy and beautiful.

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