Week for Sustainability Starts Today! – Nachhaltigkeitswoche 2017

(Nachhaltigkeitswoche der Universität Rostock)

Every year, a bunch of dedicated students and people come together to plan a series of events to undertake projects from which everyone can engage to create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for our city. One of the main organisers of this year’s Week for Sustainability is me, which is why I am dedicating this post and using this platform to expose as many people to this awesome project as possible!

If you are in town around the end of May 2017, please get in touch with us as from the 29th May until 3rd June 2017 you can engage in multiple events around Rostock.

This year’s motto is all about WATER. There will be presentations and talks about virtual water, water as an economic good, information on the situation of the seas and oceans but also a whole lot of creative ways to engage and donate for great projects that support people’s water supplies in developing countries.

Have you ever heard of Viva con Agua? They have a great and simple message for the world; the most easiest way to survive on this planet is to keep water safe and make water available for everyone. One of their main projects is WaSH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene). They are hosting three of the events of our – let’s call it – Water-Week. Those would also be the most accessible events for you if you don’t speak any German, which is why I specifically advise you to go to their events if you are in town and interested in our series of events.

On 29th May they will give a presentation on their projects and the topic of virtual water, whereas on Wednesday, 31th May, they will organise a table football cup at Bunker, which is kind of a classic among German’s youth. Oh, and don’t forget: there is a party on Friday, 2nd June at JAZ. It is a rather alternative club, in case you are into that scene. This type of fundraising party takes place regularly and is a way to meet new and like-minded people, get to talk to them and dance. By the way, the party is called ‘‘Butter bei die Fische’‘ which is a common saying up here in the North of Germany. It translates to ‘Put up or shut up!’ but rather in the put-up kind of way. Like ‘Hurry up!’ or ‘Let’s get going!’. A word-by-word translation would be ‘Put butter on the fish.’ It does sound a bit weird to translate it that way, doesn’t it? In any case you should go there though. There’ll be great locals DJs and most likely some live music.

The people going there would mostly be described as the alternative and eco kind of people but the events are definitely not for finger-pointing but rather for giving you information for you day to day life and give you tips on how to effectively change your lifestyle to a healthier and more sustainable kind of way. 🙂

I’ll see you there!

Did this post get you more interested in the topic of sustainability and water? That’s great. Find out more about the projects, groups or the event in general on nachhaltigkeitswoche-rostock.de.

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