A full day trip in terms of eating around the Doberaner Platz

I don´t know how you feel about this particular topic but I personally love eating. Even when I am on holidays I always meticulously search for the best addresses to find my next potential meal. I am convinced a good or bad dish could rescue or ruin your day and majorly affects our picture of a foreign area, city, region, culture etc. If the food was bad, the whole memory of a trip is tinted in a light shade of disappointment.

To prevent you from negative experiences I thought I´d give you a little advice where to find suitable food for every period of the day around the Doberaner Platz because I am sure you will come across this area when you visit delightful Rostock.

For breakfast, I would definitely recommend “Café Central”. Try to “hit the spot” during the week because it is quite full on weekends. Once you´re there you get a little white menu where you can tick everything you´d like to have for your start of the day. Choose your favourite kind of bread, cold cuts, cheese, jams, spreads, side dishes like scrambled eggs or pancakes and drinks (yep, freshly squeezed juice, coffee or sparkling wine included). It is also possible to choose a set meal. The perfect start for a day if you ask me.

For lunch, there are several options to choose from. I personally would recommend El Waleed, a modest little restaurant with Arabic cuisine. The Falafel-Sandwich is absolutely gorgeous. If you are more of a meat lover try the Köfte in whatever combination. It´s the perfect energy boost after which you are ready to explore more exciting places and sights.

The time between lunch and dinner is best filled with cake or ice cream or both. Either you get a little treat at the “Stadtbäckerei Junge” or a delicious Frozen Yoghurt at “Fröhlich”s – and as an expert with a sweet tooth – take the coconut sauce, seriously, trust me. That is a real thread to dieting.

In the evening hours, the Doberaner Platz comes even more to life. It depends on your personal gusto what you desire for dinner. You can have Hot Dogs, Indian, Singaporean, Pakistani, Turkish or Italian food, Sushi, German cuisine etc. I would pick the “Jyoti”, the Indian food is amazing and I have a soft spot for the Naan bread.

After a night of dancing and drinking, many people are on their way home and desperately long for a bite to eat. Even now, at around three or four in the morning, the “Dobi” is there to help you. In the centre in the square, there is a kebab shop named “Best Kebab”, which is open until 5 a.m. I´ve heard some Rostock voices saying that the kebab there is not that good but seriously it is eatable and tastes nice in my opinion and it is available after a very long clubbing night.

I advise you to just stroll around Doberaner Platz and Barnstorfer Weg and find your personal favourites. I am pretty sure you´ll find something suitable. In culinary terms, this is one of the most diverse places with many surprises to discover.


See you soon!


source of the picture: https://www.rostock-heute.de/baustelle-am-brink/79653

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