Enjoying Rostock from the Water – Stand Up Paddling

Most people discover Rostock on foot but today, I want to introduce a sporty alternative to you. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a reeeeeaaally trendy sports activity here in Rostock. You take a surfboard and a paddle and sail your way across the Warnow or Baltic Sea.

You can rent a SUP board for € 29 a day at Supremesurf, a surfshop located in the old “Speicher” at the “Stadthafen”.  They also offer guided tours or – if you have no idea what SUP is or how to stand on a SUP board – introductory courses. Check their website for further information or just visit their shop for help with getting your SUP board. They also have a small “beachhouse” in Warnemünde where you can rent boards for surfing on the Baltic Sea or participate in an introductory course for € 39.


I did this whole SUP experience a few years ago on the Baltic Sea, and it was so amazing – but hard. The waves were rough, and I’m not that much of a sporting ace. So I ended up with sore muscles the next day – but it was worth the pain. I had such an awesome view at the beach, and it was such a fantastic feeling of peacefulness to paddle on my own with no one around but water and seagulls or small boats coming across once in a while.

I would recommend sailing the Warnow because you will have a really gorgeous view at the “Stadthafen” and – if you wait until evening – an even much nicer sunset, and it won’t be that windy and wavy as it is on the Baltic Sea.

So don’t hesitate to get your SUP board for a day and discover a whole new side of Rostock!

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