Basement mice (Kellermäuse)

You want some party? You want to go out, meet some new people or have a good time with your friends? You should probably try to go to the Studentenkeller in Rostock ( During the summer months it is a hotspot in Rostock.
A little club with a great outdoor area. You can sit outside, drink a nice beer (€1.50), Fritz Limo (€2) or another Longdrink (€4.50) you like. The prices are very moderate. From 9 to 11 pm on the Wednesdays you have a “Happy Hour,” you pay one drink and you will get two. Perfect for tourists or the small purse of a student. I would recommend to go on a Wednesday. On this day you will meet a lot of nice people, students, pupil or other people who want to talk a bit and want to have one or two nice drinks. In the outdoor area you will find a DJ who mixes a colourful range of music, not to loud so you can easily talk to each other. But if you want to dance honestly you should visit the “real” dance floor in the club.
You find the dance floor under the ground in a really small vault. It is not ideal but okay. In the summer months it is too hot to dance because the dance floor lies under earth, so you don’t have any possibility to reveal. If you are a tough performer it might be no problem for you, so you can dance as long as you like to a great diversity of music. From my point of view the “Trash Night” is particularly recommendable. Sounds from the Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears will contribute to an unforgettable night with your friends or people you have just met.

This club is basically casual, open and kind of colourful. Entirely in the line of the name. It is the main address for all students and young people in general. Especially in the summer months you will have some great and enjoyable nights with a wide variety of people. After a long day at work or a long walk of sightseeing, when you don’t want to go home, the Studentenkeller is the right address to round the day of. The informal atmosphere invites you to relax and calm down. In my opinion it is a must have to try this location in Rostock for a new kind of experience.

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