A sparkling way to spend a Monday night


I suppose Monday is the least beloved day of the week for most people. For most people the working week starts on Monday which is why probably most people seldom go out on a Monday night. But there are always exceptions to the rule, like me 😉 Since I`m a student, I’m pretty much free to go out every day of the week. Therefore, there was kind of a necessity to find something for Mondays as well. And now I can officially say: I FOUND a PLACE! It’s the Besitos right at the Rostocker Stadthafen. The Besitos is actually a Spanish tapas place which belongs to a larger restaurant chain. And yes, most of the tapas look and taste pretty good, but I really wouldn’t suggest going there if you’re really hungry. At first view the prices for the tapas look okay (€ 3 – 5) but then the tapas themselves are super tiny portions which means you need to order at least 3 to 5 of them to allay your hunger. And then the prices don’t look so cheap anymore.

Anyway, I am NOT here to talk about the tapas at the Besitos. I’m writing this to suggest the place for having a drink or two on a Monday night. And what I can definitely recommend is Monday nights “Cocktail Würfeln” (cocktail rolling). On Mondays, starting at 8 pm you can choose any cocktail from the menu (and there a LOT of cocktails on the menu) and then you dice the price for that cocktail. That means any number you role with one dice (1-6 😉) is what you’re gonna have to pay for the cocktail. Therefore, at best you pay € 1 for your cocktail, at worst you pay € 6. And even if you pay € 6, that’s still cheaper than the regular price for any cocktail. If you order a Jumbo cocktail you pay €1 plus whatever you roll, because those are the really big ones. One night, I actually had to pay only five bucks for two cocktails and one tapa. That’s what I call fair pricing 😉

By now, I think it’s pretty clear that one can make some great deals at the place. But on top of that, I have to say that the cocktails are really good as well. They are very nicely flavored and as I said already, they have a really big selection on the menu, so there should be one for every taste.

So, if you’re looking for a nice and well-priced option to spend a Monday night, visit the Besitos und try your luck!

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