Easter Struggle

When I got off the tram at Rostock’s Neuer Markt square, a huge sign saying “Ostermarkt” catched my eyes. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw at all. Instantly I looked at my phone to check the date. Quite confused I realized that Easter Holidays are about to come up. Didn’t we just celebrate New Years like one month ago? I know that time flies, but I can’t believe that suddenly one-third of 2017 had already passed. Well, the recent weather could fit perfectly into a December. And Rostock’s “Ostermarkt”, including the Ferris wheel and a bunch of food shacks are well known from the Christmas market anyways. You could still even get a mulled wine! But indeed, you can’t purchase gingerbreads anymore. Instead, you won’t miss a wide range of Lindt’s Easter bunnies and coloured eggs.


While I was walking down Kröpeliner Straße, one phenomenal thing came to my mind: Easter also means that a couple of FREE days are ahead of us! Usually, it’s time you spend with your family. Thinking of family, I remembered that mine had decided to escape freezing Germany and thus booked flights to Spain – without me! (#graciaspornada)

Like me, most of my friends in Rostock come from somewhere else in Germany. Which means that everyone practically would have been gone home by Karfreitag. For sure, I could have spent 3 days watching series on Netflix and the raindrops on my window. But actually I am more of an active person. Luckily, Rostock has the ideal location for spontaneous trips to bigger cities as Berlin and Hamburg. So I called one of my best friends who just recently moved to Hamburg. Her parents had also planned a trip without her, so we decided to spend our holidays together in lovely Hamburg.

In the end, we had a great weekend, in spite of the lousy weather (cheers to umbrellas!). I realized that one really should take more opportunities to explore and be spontaneous!

Let me know, where you spent your Easter Holidays!

Cheers, Jules


Me in rainy Hamburg (photo taken by my friend Nat)

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