Bigger is better: L’Osteria in Rostock


L’Osteria is more than just a nice restaurant with giant pizzas, it is a place to meet friends and feel comfortable.

The first L’Osteria was founded in 1999, but since then a lot has happened. Last year alone the restaurant opened 15 new chains , served 6.000.000 pizzas and used up 1.980.000 tons of flower. You can find a L’Osteria not only in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland and even in England. The Location in Rostock is not a new one, but since there is so much talk going on about the pizzas in there, we decided to have a closer look.

A large open kitchen that allows a glimpse into how the food here is created greeted us as we walked into the infamous L’Osteria in Steinstraße 9, Rostock. We only had time to have a quick look around before the hostess welcomed us and showed us our seats for the evening.

The windows are tall, the room light-flooded and the decoration is rich. Next to the open kitchen, you have huge chandeliers, great pictures and a luxurious wallpaper. The ambience alone makes you feel like you stepped into a upscale store. We sat at one of the round tables on the ground floor with a perfect view up to the gallery-like first floor. It is charming and makes you instantly feel comfortable. Our waiter arrived with the menus and told us some more about the place and specials of the week. He also made some jokes and a feeling of being home came over us.

A first look at the menu offered us a view on L’Osteria’s philosophy. You will find traditional and modern Italian dishes there, pizza, pasta, anti-pasti, salads and even desserts. Almost everything under ten euros. The food is freshly made and the chefs use ingredients which are mostly from Italy itself. Pizzas are definitely the main theme, though. There are more than twenty different kinds listed. L’Osteria praises itself with having great pizzas that do not fit on a plate. People who have been here before know: you can easily share one pizza and still get full, but since we were all feeling an adventures streak that night, everyone ordered their own pizza. As the waiter came back with our drinks, we ordered. He even gave us useful tips and answered all our questions. We’ve got to know from him that you can order one pizza with two different toppings. For example, one side of pizza could be salami and the other side could be aubergine.

Although it is the middle of the week, a Tuesday to be exact, the restaurant is packed. New people are coming in every five minutes. L’Osteria must be doing something right.

You could hear many “AHHs” and “OHHs” as our pizzas arrived. They even need their own paper placements, as a plate would be too small. Unfortunately, as we all had our pizza in front of us we recognize two things very quickly: firstly, the table was way too small for all of our food to fit nicely and secondly how were we going to be able to eat such a big pizza? The base is very thin, the pizza in general well seasoned and perfectly good. As we had already foresaw, not everyone was able to finish his or her giant pizza. That is not a problem, our waiter told us. Leftovers are packed for you to take home with.

The atmosphere was nice, the food great and the company even better. L’Osteria scores on all fronts. Here, everything is just a little bit bigger.


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