Review: Hill Climb Racing 2

Toni Fingeroos is the founder of the company Fingersoft. Ever since he was a kid, he’s been creating his own video games. He produced his first one when he was only ten. Today Fingersoft is one of the fastest growing startups in Finland. It has a couple of dozen employees. Having fun is very important for the company. Having just gone through a bankruptcy, they decided to develop mobile games for smartphones. After their breakthrough with a Cartoon Camera App, Hill they launched Climb Racing, and Fingeroos became a millionaire. Since then Fingersoft has published games like Make More, Fast like a Fox and Benji Bananas. But what makes their Apps so successful that people cannot stop playing them?

The main game idea of “Hill Climb Racing 2” and its forerunner hasn’t changed. Driving a vehicle on different tracks, using two buttons (Gas and Break) with the goal of getting as far as possible isn’t really that challenging–but it’s a good formula for success. Fingersoft demonstrated with their first “Hill Climb Racing” that simple graphics in combination with a monotone Jazz/Pop beat are enough for 21st century “App gamers” (over seven million downloads). Nevertheless they’ve upgraded the menu, making it more colourful and neatly arranged – thus reflecting the simplicity of the game. The broad range of vehicles (from jeep to Santa Claus sleigh) and offline tracks had to move for a new online multiplayer. Racing against friends to beat their time score and to earn virtual money is a masterstroke from Fingersoft. The competition in daily and weekly achievements captivates users and makes them an endless hill climber.

Just like most free-to-play games, Hill Climb Racing 2 still provides benefits to those prepared to spend some money on particular features: Real dollars will turn into virtual coins, allowing you to upgrade your car much faster than your penniless friends. However, you will probably have just as much fun playing without any financial incentives , seeing that, eventually, you will be able to unlock all tracks and vehicles available. Since Fingersoft — one way or the other — needs to make money out of its customers, you will be regularly invited to watch an ad or to play tutorials for other mobile phone games. Yet — apart from some brief commercial breaks — these ads are always optional and thus do not significantly impair your gaming experience.

Try not to crash. There are two modes in Hill Climb Racing 2: the endless “Adventure” and the multiplayer race “Cups.” In both modes, the key is to drive carefully and avoid nose-overs. When you win a race, you will win a box with a reward in it. The boxes require between 2 and 8 hours depending on rarity to unlock. For those that are progress-orientated there are gems to immediately finish the cooldowns.

Adventure mode is where you want to go if you want the old school Hill Climb Racing “get as far as you can” experience. In Adventure, crashing ends the entire run. In Cups, crashing will end the current race. You will be given fourth place for that race automatically and awarded no points. Cups is all about collecting most points at the end of a bunch of races.

The exception is you can crash after the finish line without any repercussions. If you’re flying into the finish line and unable to land safely after it, no worries! Enjoy the crazy crash animation as you wait for the times to populate.

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