Max Giesinger at the M.A.U. Club – high flyer of the year


Defying wind and weather, fans of Max Giesinger queued up in front of the M.A.U. Club in Rostock. Their perseverance ought to be rewarded, because program provided a musical bonbon: Max Giesinger celebrated his second album “Der Junge, der rennt” in the legendary music-club in front of a sold out house.

In the last two years life has changed a lot for the artist: besides moving the centre of his life from Mannheim to Hamburg, he has increased his musical qualities and, on top of everything, got a record deal with BMG Music Publishing. On this day it was our chance to listen to his live performed songs and the wonderful band.

Der Junge, der rennt” clearly shows a great development within the artist´s musical repertoire. Compared to his previous studio albums, “Laufen lernen” has a new rock-pop sound to it, creating a unique vibe in Giesinger´s songs. This groovy, yet calm mixture of tunes, create a high degree of recognition, which, combined with the personal touch and biographical lyrics, sets forth a new milestone in Giesinger´s career.

A building loan contract that is sung about in „Für dich, für mich“ is the quintessence for a well planned and settled life which he can not think of at the moment.

After Max Giesinger learnt ‘how to run’ in his first album, now he is always in movement and always on the run. He is the boy who runs.

A large part of the album was produced in a small village near the Baltic Sea, where Max Giesinger and his producer Jens Schneider completely sealed themselves off from the outside world for a few weeks. This is demonstrated in wonderful arrangements that can be seen in his songs.Bringing across this feeling live on stage was a huge challenge that Max Giesinger had to face at the concert in the M.A.U. Club in Rostock.

After the newcomer Charlotté introduced the evening, the time had come: Max Giesinger’s live-band entered the stage and started with the song „Der Junge, der rennt“. Max walked his way from the back of the club through the crowd to the stage and sang himself into the hearts of the audience. Starting with the first moment the crowd was extremely ‘text-safe’ and dance-crazy; there was no reason for it not to become the greatest party ever celebrated in the M.A.U. Club.

Except for the song “Melancholiker” every great song from his latest release found a spot on the set list. Of course he also performed old goldie’s like “Kalifornien” and “Du kannst das”. It was just the right mix between old and new songs. You could feel the energy buzzing through the room when Giesinger started with the first lines of “Roulette”. This song could also be described as the key to his new modern sound. When the hit “In Balance” came on, everybody was dancing, including us.

The songs are easy-going and pretty simple to adopt. Luckily, our group’s favourite song was played as well. “80 Millionen” is not only Giesinger’s most recent hit but has furthermore the potential to become his biggest success yet. Here, at the M.A.U. Club, it was definitely the song which got the crowd to go wild. Everyone was singing along, dancing and just celebrating this great hit.

Giesinger and his band had to give three encores to please the crowd and, even then, nobody wanted to leave this magical place he created with his music. The concert unfortunately had to end and it did with the well-known song “Für immer” and a beautiful fan-choir. He certainly could have filled an even bigger location but the M.A.U. Club gave the audience a feeling of intimacy and closeness. It was a special evening for everyone.

With “Der Junge, der rennt” Max Giesinger has managed to establish his position in the German music scene. His recent album, entering directly into the Top 20 charts, clearly reflects the great interest in the 28-year-old artist. For us, as big fans of live music, we definitely can statethat the concert at the M.A.U. Club had everything it takes to make this event a very special one: good sound, an extraordinary band, goose-bumps and a spark that set the audience on fire right from the beginning.

© Anne-Susan Siercks, Carolin Kunth, Elina Röschmann, Maren Schröder & Matthias Dinse

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