JAZ: A place for freedom, no space for Nazis

JAZ: A place for freedom, no space for Nazis

Since 1992, Rostock has often been associated with the terrible racist attacks in Lichtenhagen (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rostock-Lichtenhagen_riots). What is not commonly known among tourists and especially other Germans, is that Rostock is a beautiful city with a thriving young left-wing oriented political scene. One example is the JAZ, the Jugend-Alternativ-Zentrum, close to the central station.

Throwing stones at people that seem or look different is quite the opposite of what Rostock’s youth practice voluntarily at the JAZ; they have instead been rolling up their sleeves to work for asylum seekers in recent months. “Refugees welcome!“ is one of the first things that strike your eyes if you visit the alternative youth centrum or its web page (http://www.jaz-rostock.de). The place that is usually used for parties and other social events turned into a huge hall where donations, mostly clothing, were brought by Rostock’s inhabitants. Voluntary workers sorted out the clothes according to size and sexes; a lot of children’s clothing were also donated.

The JAZ is a magical place with two floors that offers space for various events: design markets for hand-crafted things, concerts and parties. Outside, you can sit down on couches and enjoy the beauty of this nicely decorated, alternative place open air.

Not only do they run political projects, but they also have a lot to offer for people eager to learn something new, such as hula hooping, deejaying or making pottery. A special highlight for electronic music lovers is the Vinyl Klub, which takes place on the first sunday of each month, where you can have breakfast and dance all day to chilly vibes.

I’ll follow up with some specific details about the events that take place at the Jugend-Alternativ-Zentrum that is not only loved, appreciated and utilised by young people.


JAZ’ Vinyl Klub: Beats & Breakfast

Sunday morning in Germany… What to do? I guess, if you’re in the South of Germany you’ll think of white sausages with sweet mustard and brezels. If you’re in the North, you might think of fish. I suggest you should go for scrambled eggs, orange juice, fresh rolls from the bakery shop and a loooot of coffee. Sounds like a good plan to you? Alright, then.

May I suggest mixing up those ingredients for a perfect sunday morning? Add some chilly beats and a dream forest-like decorated dancefloor: Every month at JAZ, the alternative youth center in Rostock, there is one long-awaited sunday that is turned to a small, but decent rave festival. Local Djs, in the main, bring their closest friends and by showing their skills, they create a harmonious atmosphere of a sunday breakfast with lovely people. From 11am ’till 8pm, you can enjoy pleasant sounds on cozy couches during breakfast and later on, a little more bassy tunes to get the crowd off their cozy couches again.

Try Ute’s breakfast (delicious scrambled eggs with fresh German bread), sit down at the table with the crowd and work it off again by getting up on the dancefloor! The event is open to the public and for free. (I suggest a voluntary donation for Ute’s kitchen and the JAZ.)


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