Heavy basslines behind Rostock’s main station

Heavy basslines behind Rostock’s main station

Hidden behind the central bus station (ZOB) where others start their trip to Berlin in

order to smash their dancing feet, no one would expect a beautiful, but cold palace with

hammering bass music. What really used to be a powerhouse has now turned into a

grey, but somehow spectacular free space for passionate dancers. Flashing coloured

lights that do not disturb the puristic character of the club accompany the deep basslines

of the resident or guest DJs. Every now and then, the “Kraftwerk“ (engl. powerhouse)

opens its heavy doors for members and friends. Most of the time, people dance all

sunday long.

The temple of techno used to be the club Berghain in Berlin. But for two years now,

some people in Rostock have been working relentlessy on a similar project. No matter

the age, gender or place of birth- everyone who shares the passion for electronic music

and respects the club rules can participate.

The new church for techno lovers in Northern Germany is the Kraftwerk.

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