Rostock Rockt!

The IGA-Park is a quiet place; a huge park full of flowers from different places all over the world; a place that owns a beach, a cathedral made of willow branches, sports facilities and a maritime museum on a massive traditional containership. A great place to relax and to spend a free day.

The IGA-Park is an exciting and very vivid place; a huge park full of people flocking to a big stage to see and dance to the music of a great band. A lovely place to enjoy a terrific concert and have an awesome night.

Rostock Rockt!
Rostock Rockt!

Beside all the different concerts at the IGA-Park during the year there’s one big event that you shouldn’t miss if you are interested in rock music: ROSTOCK ROCKT!

On the 19th of July 8 German bands will be playing at the IGA-Park. It’ll start at 2pm with “Deine Jugend“, a garage-pop-electro-punk duo from Mannheim. Other bands like “Chefket”, “Sonuvabitch”Tricky Lobsters“, “Maxim”, “Prinz Pi“, “Mia.” and “Fettes Brot“, a German well known hip hop band will be playing during the whole afternoon until late at night.

A ticket costs 42 Euros and is available online here.

Go check out the bands online if you don’t know them already and get a ticket while stocks last.



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