This will be LEGEND…. -wait for it-

and while waiting you might as well cosider trying out this ultra fun, adults only, activity. LASERTAG!

Rostock, this lovely city at the sea has, as you can imagine, not always hot summer weather. And if you’re in this situation do not get disappointed! You in the wonderful situation to play this super duper inside action game, without missing a ray of sunshine. 

Come here with a couple of friends to have some fun hours and find out, who is the new sherriff in town.

It is not verry cheap though 120 minutes costs you  40,00 € per person mondays to thursdays, and 45€ fridays to sundays. Or less if book less.

Suit up and be awesome and check out the website to make a reservation or give them a call if you have questions.

…Dary! 😛

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