Be creative and craft your own frozen yoghurt!

Imagine one of those extremely hot, sultry summer days, one where you feel as if you might disappear in a flash because of the light, burning rays of the sun, one where you’d give your right arm for a fresh, cold, fluffy ice cream… but on a day like that I don’t  just want any ice cream, I want something in particular.

Frozen Yoghurt at the ”Eiswerkstatt” is one Rostocks best kept secrets if you’re a friend of ”small but mighty”!

The Rostocker
small but mighty!

The first time, I saw the Eiswerkstatt, I was immediately thrilled by its charm. The nicely done-up store, combining old and new things, creates a pleasant feeling of warmth, as if chatting with friends over a casual cup of coffee. Seated at the heart of Rostock, the Eiswerkstatt is within easy reach. The people there are young, really nice and ,
and most significantly, you can get really lovely stuff for your stomach…

Frozen yoghurt with red berry compote and the german delicacy “Hedgehog slice”– just aaawsome! 😀

The best thing about it is the choice of more than thirty different toppings  from which you can create your own distinctly special, marvelous, magnificent, phenomenal, fabulous, fresh ice dream.
The overwhelming variety of fruits (like strawberries), hot toppings (like red berry compote), cookies or lovely smurf-sweeties are evoking and surpassing your most cherished childhood memories. In combination with different gorgeous sweet sauces frozen yoghurt offers everything the hearts (ans certainly stomach 😉 …) could wish for! 

And that is not all…you can also make a little journey into the past.
Already curious and exited?
In the ”Eiswerkstatt” you can taste original DDR soft ice cream…yummy, just because of its pure and natural taste! Beside these lovely sins, you can also get shakes, different specialty coffees or lemonades, ice chocolate etc. – a real t(h)reat!

So, try out the ”Eiswerkstatt” with your friends or family.
Be creative and craft your own frozen yoghurt! 🙂


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