Every month on a Tuesday, the Studentenkeller opens the doors for people who are interested in getting to know new local bands. The event is called ‘Downtown-Jam’ and is run by two young and dedicated guys passionate about keeping the music scene in Rostock alive.

Usually, when you go to the Studentenkeller at night, you find a lot of people dancing to loud music, sometimes pop, sometimes rock and indie; not on such Tuesdays. The music then is always played live and is certainly at a comfortable and relaxing volume.


The band “Camou”

The location is packed with people sitting on carpets and big cushions at small tables, talking and laughing, relaxing and drinking, listening to the band playing beautifully composed music. “Which band from Rostock? I haven’t heard of them before”, you might think. That’s what the ‘Downtown-Jam’ is for: established but principally newcomer bands from the area. It’s not only a  great opportunity for musicians to become better known; it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to meet people, have a great time, and potentially discover your new favourite local band.

For only 1 Euro you’ll feel like you’ve robbed the place for a great night with wonderful people and awesome music.

Look out for the next Downtown-Jam in June 2014 here.

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