Cool with ice cream

The temperature is rising from day to day and it’s getting: hot, hotter, hotter still. This kind of temperature puts you in the mood for a delicious ice cream and, of course, because it becomes essential for quenching your need for refreshment; you don’t need to feel guilty. I certainly can’t think of anything that cools and refreshes just as well as an ice cream can. During my last stroll through town, I noticed that you can buy a portion of ice cream on most little corners. In most cases, it’s an alternative to eating something between meals and almost everyonelikes it. I guess that might be the reason for why you can buy ice cream nearly everywhere. When I get hungry for some ice cream, this craving takes me to a very worthwhile option: “Eiscafé Milano” (ice cream parlour Milano).

This ice cream parlour is located in the city centre of Rostock in “Rostocker Hof

. Before I start raving about it, I have to note a small point of criticism. Although the ambience doesn’t entice me necessarily to stay very long, the cozy of feeling of drinking coffee and eating ice cream there always brings me back; though the seating reminds me more of a village pub; though there are certainly nicer alternatives: the parlour is one of my absolute favorites. Really, the ice cream is really well-presented; indescribably delicious and immensely satisfying.

 If you just want a portion of ice cream to go, no problem: both cones and small plastic bowls and Milano also offers a huge variety of flavours. Ever since I first tasted “Kinderbueno” I’ve found my favorite flavour.However, in addition to some special varieties ,as I said, “Kinderbueno” or also “Rocher”, there are the other well-known flavours too, like strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. But here’s a small tip: ALWAYS QUEUE UP FROM THE LEFT, otherwise you will stand forever. A little more time, a little more hunger, and a little more money weighing you down instead of alleviating your desires.

Try one of the specialities from the menu. A bowl of ice cream with exotic fruit or a “Eisschokolade” (a mix-drink of cocoa, cream, and in most cases vanilla ice cream). The menu offers so many different possibilities, that it’s hard to decide, a positive dilemma, at least for me. Whether you like ice cream or not, you will find something: you can also choose between a huge variety of drinks – hot or cold; with or without alcohol, and among many more.

A Scoop of ice cream costs € 0,80 but the bowls of ice cream are something higher in price and cost round about € 6. It’s not cheap, but you do not or perhaps should not treat yourself to something like that every day. I’m not quite sure if I’ve mentioned it often enough, but the ice cream ist really incredibly delicious! 😉 Hence I’d recommend the ice cream and the Eiscafé Milano to everyone.


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