Follow in Jim Hawkins’ footsteps

So, you’re on your fabulous backpacking trip, everything’s rainbows and unicorns and suddenly it hits you – you desperately need some more clothes you can wear out, an old pair of shoes, some fresh reading material, an extraordinary souvenir for the folks at home or simply some random stuff.

If you also don’t mind spending a few hours roaming stalls, set up in some parking lot, it’s settled: You have to visit one of our flea markets. 


Whenever I have some money to spare, I love to spend a few hours of my weekend rummaging all sorts of things people found in their attics, shelves and cupboards. I’m not really interested in the clothes though I could imagine buying some old t-shirts or a pair of shorts for a few euros, wearing them out during my trip and then dumping them before going home. So that might be an option for you.

I’m usually on the hunt for great books at a reasonable price, maybe a movie or two and just some pretty clutter for my room. The other day for example I got a handcrafted 40-year-old brass bowl from India for only €4. Well, at least that’s the story the seller told me. At the end of the day you can just try to get the best price possible and believe whatever you’re being told about the item’s quality 😉

When in need of a refreshment you can always get some ice-cream, cool drinks or -if you’re really hungry – chips and good old German sausages.

This site ( should help you find a suitable flea market/jumble sale. Yes, it’s in German but has a very simple structure, so don’t worry 🙂

So, grab your bags and go out on a treasure hunt – I’ll see you there!


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