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It’s Sunday. The evening is near. Time to calm down. Time to relax. Time to be slouched on your sofa. Everything’s fine. So let’s take a look into the TV program… and… SHOCK! There’s absolutely nothing worth watching! Just silly detective stories, just films that you’ve already watched for 1000 times, just the “Perfekte Promi Dinner”.TV programs nowadays can really ruin your whole homey evening. But wait! There is still one possibility to save the situation: pull yourself together, put on your shoes, and set out for the next “World of Video”– shop.

“World of Video” boasts a wealth of different films: old and new, funny and melancholic, ambitious and downmarket – something for everyone! You can even lend movies of the latest charts there. DVD’s, Blue Ray’s or even 3D-offerings – no problem, you get them all.

And if you think: “Well, that’s great, sounds good… but… There isn’t any “World of Video”- store in my neighbourhood!” Then you’re very probably wrong!  It took me more than one year to discover that just a short hop from my flat – even in the same street – such a paradise of movies has its place. Maybe it’s the same for you? One’s probably just a short google away…

And if you then found one everything else is just a cakewalk. As a resident of Rostock you just have to sign-up quickly and then your searching for the movie you long for can start. If you don’t be that lucky to live here in Rostock, there is also a considerable number of second hand films and series on sale for prices the standard shops can’t match even rudimentary.

So don’t let the terrible TV program louse up your holy Sunday Evening, your chance to calm down, your chance to relax, your “slouching time”. Just check out “World of Video” and your rescue is near!

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