Cheers boys (and girls)

It’s that time again- the day of days or the highlight of the year (at least for some of us).

But what is actually the exact name of it?

The possibilities to choose from would be “Herrentag” , “Christi Himmelfahrt”, but also “Vatertag”. It doesn’t matter how to call it the right way, because in my opinion it always means the same : a bunch of boys or men, some special but secondary activity and probably the most important thing lots of alcohol. Starting the preparations weeks ago, “Bollerwagen” (coaster wagon) and crates full of beer are definitely no rarity.

But wait, up to now I only mentioned men and boys -the woman celebrate this day as well. However, there are still some differences. Take the preparations the men mostly have done for weeks, the “Bollerwagen” and the crates of beer and change it all into: a small telephone call, a comfortable blanket in a park and some bottles of sparkling wine on woman’s side. It can be done that quickly to turn a “Herrentagsparty” of men into a “Anti-Herrentagsparty” of woman. Such parties can’t be done without the usual discussion about: clothes and shoes, celebrities and (of course) men. At the end not really curios, because as the woman all know: anything men can do, certainly woman can do better.

Yes, men AND woman celebrate this day, but the different the parties will be one thing they will definitely have in common: having a head the next day.

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