Ascension Day-joy or trouble?

You neither have to be religious nor a father to celebrate this day, called Christi Himmelfahrt in Germany. The fact of being a man in the age where drinking is socially accepted is enough to be hailed as someone special this day. Some men, mostly loving fathers, I guess, spend this day with their family, going on a bikeride, having a picnic or meet with some other family members. But the dubious things start when some men come together-without family, without women- and celebrate the day when Jesus was taken up to heaven. Their behaviour really has nothing to do with the religious background of that day, exept the fact that they might also feel like in heaven, just by drinking enough to hold the level. Next to the dilemma that nearly all women get pissed off by being confronted with bawling, tactless men, there is a good point for all of us: Throughout Germany, people can enjoy a day off. Due to the fact that Ascension Day falls on a thursday, working people often take a bridging day to have a bank holiday weekend. Men can have a good night´s rest and are hopefully able to remove yesterday´s damages by their own!

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