Let’s play Lasertag!


Lasertag– what’s that?


Teamwork, tactics, tension, thrills, action, exercise, fun and reducing the stress level: that is Lasertag– the solution to compensating your everyday duties and a great idea for a free time activity with your friends, family or colleagues.

Lasertag is a real-life shooting game with harmless weapons (infrared-tagger) and played in teams.  The goal is to try to solve diverse challenges in a special course or in rooms equipped with several objects to hide.

Illuminated by only a few scattered lights and shrouded by mist wafting on the floor, the setting provides a unique, high tension atmosphere.

How to


Every participant gets fitted out with a Tagger (infrared signal transmitter) and three sensors (infrared signal receiver) fixed to their head with a headband. That serves for a good humour by making everybody look quite funny and ensures continuous communication between the mentioned technical parts. Every shot (perception of a signal) is recorded in this pitch-change (data exchange) so that the information can be analysed and printed afterwards– something surely of  interest for those often anonymous friends of tactical shooting games.

The different types of weapons   can be chosen by following your fundamental knowledge about the qualities of each one or simply by following your instinct– my female instinct lead me to choosing the “most good-looking” and lightest of them.


My experience


Being convinced I would never to join my friends in a match of “Paintball” (I am afraid of the pain being hitten by a ball)–  but always being a little jealous of them having fun without me– I was drawn to the idea of playing Lasertag from the first time a friend suggested it. It seemed to be the ideal blend of  action, fun and the tension of “Paintball” without intensive but painful bruises. It is also the well-known game to which Barney Stinson in the popular tv-show “How I met your mother” abandons himself.

In the end I was just as hooked as him by the atmosphere charged with tension, the strong feeling of togetherness that was provided by the teamwork but also the funny moments that occur frequently in this game– e.g. balancing the aim to gather information when shot feeling ridiculously non-physically paralysed. The 16€ for45 minutes are a good investment in a lot of fun and reduced stress levels as well as the satisfaction to having taken part in a healthy activity with others that excludes a bar trip or related adventures.

This singular excursion (it is the first Lasertag-area in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern) can be booked by phone or by writing an e-mail on the homepage.


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