Lenk’s It is situated at the Strande which is the walk at the harbor of the city. You can have a wonderful breakfast or brunch. I tried brunch buffet and I liked it very much. It was a sophisticated cooking. It’s quite expensive but brunch buffet was really fantastic. It costs 18,50€ per person including drinks. You can also enjoy a breakfast from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 11:30 a.m. Then you have the choice between a small breakfast for 3,50€ or a large breakfast for 6,90€. But you can enjoy also a good dinner. They don’t have an overloaded menu. So, maybe it is easier for you to find the right meal. A first look at the menu could be like it is a too small menu. But the meals which they offer are very good. The Lenk’s has a special meal for every season. This special offer enriches the menu. The meals consist of classical basic ingredients as steak, chicken breast, Schnitzel, a roast of wild pig. Up to now, I tried fish and Schnitzel, and both were really delicious. Schnitzel with onions and an egg on top costs 11,50€. The fried monkfish filet costs 13,80€. But if you are really hungry, fried monkfish filet is maybe a too small-sized meal. In my opinion the quality-price ratio is good. The deserts are also fantastic. If you like sweets, you like these ones. I tried the fresh baked hot chocolate cake and pancakes, the German kind of them, with vanilla ice-cream and honey and chocolate sauce on top. All in all, you can have a wonderful time and a delicious menu! After a good rich meal, you can enjoy a walk at the harbor of the city.

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