Comedy, it’s fun!

It is rainy and cold outside and you are in really bad mood.

How about changing that bad attitude instead of getting even more depressed?!

Laughing is always good, and makes you feel better, so just check out the schedule of the Compagnie de Comedie.

Compagnie de Comedie is a place in Rostock, where different kind of shows are shown all around the year.

It is right at the harbor of Rostock, really close to the KTV or to the Hanse Hostel, just in case you are staying there.

I went to one of the shows last summer, which was called “WASCHLAPPEN IM SCHLEUDERGANG”! It was basically about a nerd who was trying to understand the world, which seemed to be not that easy.

It was really funny. I almost had to pee my pants, because it was that funny.

If your German is good it is a nice way to spend an evening out. AND it is affordable as well. I paid about 6 Euros for one show, which is a pretty good price I reckon. After the show you might go to a bar. There are plenty to choose from all along the harbor.

Before the show and while the break you can drink a beer or anything you like at the bar.

After the show you can even talk to the actors.

So, If you are keen on a fantastic and funny night out go to the Compagnie de Comedie.

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