15mph – Rushing Roland


The route “Roland”, is 24.1 km long. If you decide to go by train from Putbus to Göhren, you have to bring some time with you: one way will take you round about 1 hour. Many people, especially during the summer, enjoy the fresh air (you are also allowed to stand in the outside area of the wagon during the train ride) and the wonderful nature and the wide spread canola fields with their intensive yellow colour. 

If you’d like to get off the train in Binz or Sellin (two wonderful bathing architecture based cities, each of them with a long sea bridge) you can do as you please. After one hour, you can get back on it again and continue on your journey.

Putbus, especially in winter, is absolutely recommendable. The city has many attractive places where you can rest and enjoy your free time. Furthermore, I recommend taking a walk in Putbus’ Park and feeding the deer who live there.  Moreover Putbus provides a special “place” among Ruegen’s cities. The Duke of Ruegen, Malte zu Putbus, lived here until the early 20th century. The city was his residence and simultaneously his hunting ground. “Putbus circle” is my insider tip for you. There you can see the original houses  built in 14th and 15th centuries by the duke’s dynasty.

If you travel to the opposite direction, you will reach Göhren. This is also a small town with fascinating Baeder Architecture (which roughly translated to spa and bath architecture) and a wonderful clean and fine sandy beach. Göhren also has a sea bridge, which is 270m long. From here, you can go to the chalk cliffs at Cape Arkona or you travel round Ruegen by ship. If you like camping, a camping site is located directly next to the beach offers you a great place. In case you are hungry, next to the camping site you will find small restaurants. 

I hope you will use the opportunity to get on the train and take ride. This can be enjoyed in summer and winter.

P.S.: Snacks and drinks are also served on board.

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