Al Faro in Warnemünde


It is a really nice and small restaurant, which is a typical kind of restaurant in Warnemünde. Al Faro is an Italian restaurant, which is located in Warnemünde in front of the lighthouse and the Teepott at the end of the Promenade. The best thing is, it is in the near of the beach. If you are really hungry after a nice and long beach walk, you should go to the al Faro to enjoy a wonderful meal. But it isn’t only the good food, which is a reason to go there; you also have an interesting evening. Because they have events at special days like valentine’s day, Christmas, Sylvester and so on. Another special event is the live music at some evenings. It is not a big location, but it has really a homelike atmosphere and it is an enjoying place. As starter you have to try these: the tapas, which can be little baked potatoes with garlic cream or mussels. The main dishes are all very good. I tried different times different main dishes, and so I can say the pasta, fish or meat dishes, like steaks, are very good. Another advantage is that the food is not too expensive so you can order a main dish for about 10 €. They don’t have many different kinds of deserts but these sorts they have are really delicious. I like the most the tiramisu. You can have a wonderful time there!

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