Sweatpants at New Year’s Eve?

Sure, you have to wear it!

 At least at our house there is the obligation to wear it. Against all odds, this year we are going to have a “Bad Taste” Party. Never having heard of it? All this normal stuff, which people do on New Year’s Eve, is casual. Me and my girlfriend thought that there is time for a change. Friends and us will meet at our flat to have an extraordinary party. Bad taste stands for everything that will happen this evening, concerning food, clothes and alcohol. J Our guests just have to bring “eccentric” things with them. Normal clothes are forbidden! For this, I established 3 rules:

1. Slip into your worst clothes and come to us.

2. Just mix your own nonstandard alcoholic drink and come to us.

3. Prepare some alternative food and come to us.

Our party evening will start around 7 p.m. with an opening drink at the door. This year we as the party hosts will present a chilli – liquorice shot.


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Regarding food, we are going to prepare a corn-beef sandwich and a salad with carrots, rocket salad, beans and wasabi.

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At 11 p.m. we will go to the Stadthafen and watch all the fireworks. At New Year’s morning, we will return to our flat, and will go on partying. I hope there won’t be any neighbor complaints.

Dear God, I just have on wish: Please, don’t let me have a hangover. 

All in all it will be non-traditional! So, I wish you a happy new year and a wonderful party!


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Hey out there, I am Lars Dirwelis and I am studying at the university of Rostock. Favs are motorcycling throughout Europe and travelling round the world. Originally I am from the isle of Ruegen which is the biggest and the most beautiful in the world :-D

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