Café Kloster- Relax Under Apple Trees

Café Kloster- Relax Under Apple Trees

There are considerable numbers of bakeries and cafés in Rostock. I will help you to make the right decision. I am going to invite you for coffee and homemade cake in the most beautiful and snuggest café in Rostock. Café Kloster is situated, as the name suggests, in a former convent of nunnery within the medieval walls of the “Kloster zum Heiligen Kreuz”(Monastery of the Holy Cross ). The Kloster Café is a foundation of the German Red Cross and provides young people, despite their physical or mental disability, to participate actively in working life.

 As you can see in the following link, Café Kloster is located in the heart of the Rostocker city centre. Here you can enjoy absolute tranquility, far from daily hustle and bustle and have the opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life. This is a great place to rest with beer and lunch or coffee and homemade cake under shady apple trees.



Café Kloster

Klosterhof 6

18055 Rostock


Opening hours:  11 am to 7 pm


Click here to see the menu.




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