I really love Christmas! Every year, at the beginning of december I’m totally excited about going home and spend Christmas with my family. On Christmas Eve, my mother’s family comes together. Normally we meet at my grandparent’s house at 5 or 6 p.m., but sometimes at our home or my aunt’s home too. We are around ten people who have dinner together, so there is a lot to prepare. Our dinner is not always the same, but because we have many spanish people in our family, we usually like to have some spanish food like „Tapas“. Sometimes my cousins and I go to the church before dinner. After we have eaten, we start with giving our Christmas presents to each other. Later on we play something together, drink wine and talk about everything. We also like to take some fotos because it isn’t often that all the family comes together.


The next day, nearly the same occurs at my other grandparent’s home. We already meet at 1 p.m. and have lunch together. Every year it is a traditional Christmas meal, like roast goose. Afterwards we get our presents from our grandparents and play something together or just hang around before the chimney. My grandmother loves to cook and bake, so we always have coffee with some cake and later at 6 or 7 p.m. we also have dinner, which is a typical german dinner with bread, salads, sausages and so one. When we go home, I always meet with some friends and we go out.

On the next day, we always stay at home and do nothing, just relax. Although it is sometimes a bit of stress and of course too much to eat, I love Christmas and beeing with my family!

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