Piranhas in the ice rink

Have you ever seen Piranhas on ice? Well, in Rostock you have such an opportunity. Our local ice hockey team is called the “Rostock Piranhas”, and if you like to watch fast, exciting and fascinating sports with a lot of action, make sure you check out a “Piranhas” match. Every second Sunday night in the colder season there is a game in the ice rink in Schillingallee.

To make it easier for you to find it, we made a map for you! The ice rink is where the cursor is:


On sunday the 25th November three of us from the sports and leisure group went to watch a match. The Piranhas played against “Adendorfer EC” ,and we were really excited about whether we ‘d see a lot of action.  The match did not disappoint us: it was a brilliant game, and the Piranhas knocked them out! “Toooooor in der Schillingallee!” (“Goal in the Schillingallee!” ) was what we heard 11times that night enthusiastically celebrated by the crowd. The score was 11 to 6 for the Piranhas.

The atmosphere among the spectators, that were present in large numbers, was really nice and fair. It was good talking to loyal ice hockey fans, who obviously enjoyed introducing us to the rules of the game and giving us a brief insight into the club’s history, whose origins go back as far as 1953.

During the breaks, you don’t get bored either! There is a variety of things to sweeten the interruption of the game: before the match,  you can buy a benefit puck for 2 Euros to support the kids hockey teams. And in the second break there is a target in the middle of the field, and all the people who bought such a puck throw it, trying to get as close as possible to the target. The people who throw the closest can win tem-shirts and merchandise. People who want to spend their money differently can get a good beer or a tasty “bratwurst”!


To cut a long story short: we had a brilliant time at the ice rink, and we can really recommend watching a Piranhas’ game.


Janpascalwunderlich, DerHenning, Hannesgettel

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