Coffee shop on the road

There are quite a few coffee shops in Rostock, but there is one coffee shop that is different from all the rest.

Imagine you are sitting in Südstadt library, tired of writing your term paper, doing your work, learning for your next exam and you are almost falling asleep. A good coffee can bring you back to life.

Have a look out of the window, and if you see a black VW Van MaltoBenno, make sure you get out of the library and have a good coffee.

They sell coffee out of an old VW Van that used to be an old post van. They´ve customized the van with a good coffee machine and a new paint job, ready to sell some good coffee out of it.

In summer they park their VW in front of the Südstadt library pretty often, but they are not at the same spot every day. If you want to know where to find them, check out the coffeefinder.

This coffee bus also visits festivals in summer, like the Zuparken festival as well as surf spots and around Rostock. Enjoy your coffee right in front of the VW in one of the comfortable chairs and use the wireless lan for free.

They do not only sell good coffee but also snacks, like different kinds of muffins and cheesecake.

Besides all that, you can book them for events like a wedding or any other event you can think of where good coffee is needed.

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