Christmas Market Reloaded: Best Tips for 2012

Frohe Weihnachten!

Now that Christmas time is coming nearer and nearer, and now that we are approaching Second Advent, everyone’s attention is focussed on decorating the flat, getting presents for Christmas Eve, or strolling along the Christmas market.

This blog is actually an update of a blog about the Christmas market in Rostock that was written last year. By that, I mean I will give you some additional and current tips about where you really have to stop for eating and drinking on the Christmas market this year.


My first recommendation and also tribute goes out to Glögg, which is a Scandinavian version of Glühwein (mulled wine). So, if you don’t like the Glühwein that is sold at every corner around the city at this time of the year, you really should try this one. Personally, I think mulled wine tastes quite bitter, and Glögg just blew my socks off. It is more like a mixture of a hot punch that can be (if you’d like) refined by rum or amaretto, since it normally is non-alcoholic. You can find the stand in Kröpeliner Straße, opposite to the Douglas-shop (and the Glögg will cost you € 2 – 2,50 which is fully worth the investment. Keep in mind that you always have to pay € 2 deposit per mug. Of course you can take one with you as a souvenir for leaving your deposit there. You could also just buy a mug without having to drink Glühwein. Just ask the stuff.


My second tip is particularly interesting for lovers of crêpes. By now, I think it is very hard to find a stand on the Christmas market that really convinces with its crêpes. It seems like everybody is trying to make a business with them. Nevertheless, I can recommend the stand in Kröpeliner Straße, right next to McDonald’s. These guys are definitely experts and offer their crêpes (dependant on what you choose for filling) for ranging from € 2,50 – 4,50, which is a normal price.


When being at the Christmas market (voluntarily or not) you should not miss out on trying roasted almonds, roasted peanuts, roasted cashew nuts, or whatever you like best. I can’t really recommend the “one and only” stand that offers the best ones because none really differ. But you should try eating them while they are still warm since they undoubtedly taste best.  


My last recommendation will favour vegetarians and those of you who end up having enough of Bratwurst, or kale: Schafskäse im Fladenbrot (feta in pita bread). Thereby, I agree with the author of the previous blog about the Christmas market. The best stand is definitely at Neuer Markt, opposite to Ratsapotheke.

By the way, Wednesday is still “family day” which means that you can get food and drinks a little bit cheaper than normal. That also counts for some of the carousels.


So, take your time, enjoy the festive atmosphere, and (my tips in your mind) try as much as you can. 🙂

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Originally from Potsdam, I moved to Rostock in Oktober 2010 to study English and Philosophy at the University Rostock. In my blogs, I will mainly inform you about Rostock's best places to go for eating and drinking. Enjoy it!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Market Reloaded: Best Tips for 2012

  1. The fresh-baked bread opposite to the “Touristeninformation” is really nice, too. On top of that it is really affordable, it´s only around 2-3 € for fresh loaf from the oven! Try it out Guys!

  2. The Glögg with Rum and the finnish one, which is called Trollentrunk, are really the best muled wines. It is a tasty sweet muled wine. What you also have to try is the Mutzen bakery, it is called Lila Bakery, in the Breite Straße, infront of the Galeria Kaufhof. The Mutzen, which is a deep-frying dough, are always fresh and warm and so they are really delicious!

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