Wonnemar – not only a ‘children’s paradise’

After having visited many sights in Rostock, there will come a time when you are exhausted and like to do something else. If you like to go swimming, you should spend such kind of day with some friends at the Wonnemar in Wismar.

It’s an indoor pool with many activities you can do there. Apart from three different pools, there are a few slides where you can let come out your childhood. So if you want to have a bit action, take a tyre and try the different slides. It will make a lot of fun!

Furthermore you can just swim or play something in the water with your friends; water polo for example. There is also a wave pool where you can have a lot of fun too. Apart from many activities, you have also the option to relax. There are a few loungers where you can just hang out or play some cards with your friends. To have a little lunch, there is a small restaurant where you can get many different things to eat and drink. But I would recommend you to bring your own stuff; just some sandwiches and something to drink and have a dinner at home.

Although students don’t have to pay as much as normal adults, it’s quite a little expensive. For the whole day, and you should definitely spend there a whole day to be worth doing, you will pay 11,50 Euro, but just only for the indoor pool. If you are interested in sauna, there will be the possibility to go there. But don’t forget that you will have to pay more than just for swimming.

All in all I would say, that is a nice place to spend some rainy day. To avoid that there will be too much people, just make sure that you go there on a weekday where no pupils are in holidays.

To see some pictures, just take a look at their website: http://www.wonnemar.de/wismar/

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