Lookin’ for the Arts…?

…and don’t know where to go in Rostock?! Surely, there is the Kunsthalle, several theaters, and places that host concerts which are all interesting and definetly worth a visit, but I would recommend the HMT Rostock.

The “Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater” hosts everything in one building, which is not highly suprising as it translates to “university of music and theater”. Students from all over the world come to Rostock to study in the fields of arts and as it will be (part of) their job to perform in front of people or to exhibit their colorful and creativity canvases.

If you feel the need to listen to proper music rather than what’s in the charts, watch theater rather than CSI, or if you want to glimpse at sculptures, paintings, and drawings rather than last party’s snap-shot collection, you should make your way up there…the HMT always invites you to visit. 

The warm and fuzzy feeling when you walk inside the old building, one that served as a monastery as well as an orphanage and even a “madhouse” (as I have been told by one of the teachers there), does not evoke the feeling of being at university at all. Parts of the original HMT’s architechture can still be seen from the in and outside, and is art in itself. In order to enlarge the building, a modern steel and glass design was literally melted into the old walls, which, for me, is an effective illustration of the split between history and modernity in both architecture and the arts.

 So, if you’ve caught on to what the HMT has to offer and want to watch and listen to some classics, you should go ahead and check out their webpage. I’m sure you’ll find something – if you read through all o’this – that’ll interest you and serve your cultural needs…maybe even tonight.

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Hey out there...my name is Rick and I am currently studying in Rostock but came from Berlin to the coast. Trying to become a teacher for English, P.E., and Drama in Education I started to life here during my social service in 2009. Besides the University of Rostock I am also attending classes at the HMT Rostock, which is a university for arts, acting, and music. After I finished an exchange to the US in 2005/06, I know what it feels like to be new to a city (country) and its society and how helpful some little insider tips can be. I hope this page will help you to get started in Rostock...however long your stay may be.

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