Portola –three different ways to eat

The Portola is a combination of restaurant, canteen and take away. There you can find three different food stations and every station has different price categories. It is located in the center of the Rostocker Hof which is situated in the Kröpelinerstraße, in the near of the university building. Whatever you like most pasta, fish or classical cooking, you will find the best for you. A really good thing is that you have the chance to get a wonderful, tasty and fresh sushi which is prepared in front of you by a sushi cook, every Thursday to Saturday. I like the sushi very much and you will taste the freshness of the ingredients. The sushi is a little bit more expensive but if you want to eat really good sushi or you maybe want it to take away then you have to go there. Portola also offers the typical bread with fish and pickled herring, salmon and shrimps. At the fish and the classical bar the meal is prepared like in a canteen and it will be heated for you. At the pasta point it is cooked fresh at the moment. At the pasta point you have the possibility to choose between four price categories from 4,50€ to 8€ and you are free to choose the noodles for your menu. I like the pasta with pesto very much although it is a real classical meal but it tastes great without being too expensive. At the classical food point you can get a meal for example with potatoes or fries, vegetables or cabbage, chicken or bratwurst. If you like roasted chicken, you also can get it there. Portola is open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday. This restaurant is one of the typical restaurants where business men go for lunch. But it is not exclusively for them; everyone like to go there for lunch. So, at lunch time it is really busy. If it is possible, you should go a little bit later for lunch.

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