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There are a lot of recommendable places in the KTV but if you have a special weakness for fresh bruschetta, above average pasta dishes, and carpacci, I´ll make you an offer you shouldn´t refuse:

The Italian restaurant “Don Camillo” is one of my favorite restaurants in Rostock. What I like about it is not only the food served, but also the atmosphere, an atmosphere which makes you feel instantly comfortable and welcome, an atmosphere, assured not merely by the cozy interior, but also by the friendly and personal attentiveness of the Italian chef.

Many features of “Don Camillo” contribute to its pleasant atmosphere – the Mediterranean interior and warm colors, the gentle Italian music and the entertaining manner of the host, and much more. As soon as you find a table, the chef and boss, when there (which he generally always is), comes to meet you personally and literally present you the offer of the day on a tray. While looking at a freshly cut piece of meat decorated with a chunk of cheese and green herbs, I had no other chance than listening to his remarks about the upcoming meal. In addition, he often explains how the meal is prepared in astonishing detail. In case you prefer wine to your meal, he will also have an appropriate recommendation for you.

The selection at “Don Camillo” includes antipasti and salads, pasta dishes and pizzas, meat and fish dishes, as well as delicious desserts. The meals are prepared with fresh, ingredients which are immanent in the Italian cuisine as Parma ham, different kinds of cheese or Italian wine. A wine list and typical long drinks are served to wash everything down.

The “Don Camillo” offers typical Italian food of high quality. The prices are reflective of that quality; therefore I wouldn´t recommend it as a restaurant to visit every week but rather for special occasions for which you want to take your time and enjoy food as much as Italians. The restaurant also has an outdoor seating area inviting for outdoor diners in the summer although the proximity on Ulmenstraße may be somewhat off-putting.

All in all the “Don Camillo” is worth a visit and with that in mind there is only one thing left to say: Buon appetito!


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  1. I can only fully agree with what the author says in this blog about the “Don Camillo”. I was there once in June this year because I wanted to try something special and… I got something special there, you know. Although it is some kind of an exclusive restaurant and a little more expensive than normal (not extremely expensive, but adapted to the quality of the food they offer) I can also recommend it for special occassions. It will be fully worth it. 🙂

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