Big, Bigger, Little Money

First of all, I like beef.

I like beef with tomatoes, salad and a lot of cheese pressed in two slices of bread and refined with a special sauce. As I´m writing this blog, my rumbling stomach is annoying me and I find myself longing for a tasty bite of Cyclops Burger with a thick piece of beef in it and a fried egg on top.

Sounds good? Getting hungry? Then I´ll present you with an alternative to boring franchise burgers: fatty, filling fantastic burgers at the “Little Money”, the American styled diner in the Ulmenstraße; order a burger and you might act like this.

The Little Money satisfies all sorts of hunger. Just looking for something small to scoff quickly for lunch or something over-sized to take your time over (and if you go XXL, you´ll need it) with friends for an evening. The selection of burgers varies not only according to the ingredients but also to their size. So you may take the Little Money Burger for a snack or choose the Double Giant Burger when you are really hungry.


The selection also ranges to other meals which are heavy on the meat such as schnitzels, spare ribs, nachos, steaks and wraps. All of these are offered in different sizes reaching up to a two-pound schnitzel or a one-pound portion of spare ribs; this would equate to 6 hamsters.

As Little Money is located in the Kröpeliner Tor Vorstadt (KTV) right next to the university, it is predominantly frequented by younger people, and the prices are moderate with the exception of the king-sizes. In addition to the rich meals, you can order salads and choose from a vast selection of cold and warm beverages.

The interior of the American Diner might not offer much space, and I wouldn´t consider it a place you want to go to for the atmosphere because one might be somewhat put-off by the “fast-foody” atmosphere, but the huge selection of delicious meals and the unusual sizes make it definitely worth a visit. Once you are in you won´t leave with an empty stomach.

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