Coffee to go with Extra Personality: Café Anna

Last week, when I wanted to grab a coffee between two university classes at Ulmenstraße, I came across a cute little coffee shop: Café Anna. It is extremely close to the University Ulmen Campus (the campus at Ulmenstraße, a part of Rostock University), it only took me about seven minutes to get there and back again. Because it’s main color is rose and since I’m a girl, it totally got my attention 😉 So I walked in and ordered some coffee. It looks cozy inside because of the different floral wallpapers and with everything … well, just … sweet. The customers I met there are mostly students and younger people. (Maybe I should mention that it’s probably more attractive for somewhat girly female coffee-addicted people like I am, but I’m sure that male customers would enjoy it just as much – provided they are at ease with their feminity.)

I was a little tempted to also buy a piece of cake or a sandwich – the selection is quite diverse – but I had eaten breakfast only an hour ago or so. However, the coffee was better than in any other bakery I’ve experienced and not much more expensive, so afterwards I were wide awake for my lesson.
Though the prices are maybe a little more expensive than in a bakery, the atmosphere is more personal and totally worth the money. The closeness to university is also a big advantage. All in all, I would absolutely recommend it, and when it comes to my ‘Friday in-between-class coffee’, Café Anna is the only place I’m going to go.


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