The CarLo615

Warnowufer 61

18057 Rostock, Kröpeliner Tor-Vorstadt


You want to relax, feel comfortable with candlelight, enjoy the exhilarating views of the Warnow, or just enjoy? Then you should go to the CarLo615. The CarLo615 is located in the old fishing houses in Warnoufer 61 and so really close to the central city of Rostock.

As we went there the service was very friendly and we got a table immediately. The menu is extensive. So you will find something for all tastes here and there is always a small season map, too.

So we had:

As a starter, a fish soup (€ 6.50), also available as a main or a portion tomato-/orangesoup as tasting portion (€ 2.50), enough for the lady.

For the main course we had a veal steak with salmon and shrimp, to celeriac -/Kartoffelstampf with vanilla spinach (€ 24.90) and a Färsenhüftsteak with stewed strawberries pepper, grilled zucchini and smoked baked potato halves (19,00 €), an innovative flavor combination!

For dessert, a  creme brulee (€ 5.00) and  as a small portion (2.50 €) again for the lady.


 To get right to the point, the CarLo615 has the most innovative cuisine in Rostock and it was forgivable that you wait for the food and something needs.

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My name is Robert Pötsch. I was born in 1986 in Berlin. In 2006 I moved to Rostock to study english and history at the University of Rostock. In my blogs I want to inform travellers and tourists about Mecklenburg Vorpommern and especially Rostock.

2 thoughts on “THE CARLO615

  1. I really agree. Beside a tasty meal they offer an entertainment show, called “Diner Revue”. That means that you pay 69,00€ per person and get a multi course dinner plus entertainment. This includes next to eating comedy, singing and involving the guests.
    It could be an unique experience. So try and enjoy it.

  2. This place definitely is awesome but expensive as well. Too bad that I’m only a poor student otherwise I’d go there more often.
    I tried the chicken with tomato-mango salad and baguette. It was delicious!
    The restaurant was packed when we got there, you might want to make a reservation in advance.
    It took quite some time till our food was ready. Although we didn’t complain or anything, we got a free desert as an apology. Compliments to the Carlo!

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