Who wants to lift forever?

As we all know fitness is the fountain of youth and the over-all term for a combination of physical strength and endurance – typically known as ‘power‘.


If you are into sports, 4everfitness is Rostock´s gym of choice to unleash this power. Based in the center of Rostock, on  Kröpeliner Straße, 2500 m² provide enough space to satisfy each and every workout-style wether you are interested in weight training, cardio or training groups that target strength, endurance, health in general, yoga, pilates, fat loss, etc..



If you´re about to stay in Rostock for a longer time period, it would definitely make sense thinking about a membership for 19,90€ monthly. To do that, you simply talk to an employee at the entrance (you can find a complete 3D studio tour right here) or fill out the online form you find on their homepage.

If you do this personally they´ll give you a printed form you have to fill out with personal data. They will show you how the costs are split, that you have to pay 50€ ONCE to get the membership and that you can get a flatrate for the sports drink machines for the first month for free.

If that´s alright for you, you can start right off with the training, simple as that!

Besides that, you need to get a padlock for the lockers. In the first training session they can borrow you one for free, but from this on you´re better off having your own padlock – or buy one for 3,50€ at the entrance.


Before confirming a membership you can of course also do a probational training session that will cost you nothing, just to get familiar with the environment.


Several friendly trainers can help you getting started if you need advice, set up a workout or a nutrition plan or they can share knowledge or help you with the machines before you do something wrong. You will not get the impression you are asking any “stupid” questions if you are a newbie.


Now, depending on WHEN you go there you will of course face every type of ego you can possibly think of:

  • the bulky hulks nobody dares talk to,

  • the guys that swagger and make sure that everyone is looking at them (they piss me off)

  • the ones that don´t know what to do and end up doing everything (wrong) because they are too shy to ask for advice and

  • the guys that are there for their own sake, that actually take care of their training routine, train intelligently, silently and in a focused manner – and on the whole have the best physiques

I myself like training in a nearly empty gym, so I train in the morning, around noon or very late, and here is THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS GYM:


The opening hours!


This gym is open from 6:00 a.m. – 0:00 p.m. – now THAT`S what I call opening hours! Either before going to work or before going to bed, there are definitely no excuses not to go and train.


If you are new to this: check it out!
If you are a long-time sports enthusiast: check it out!


Because as we all know: “Confidence comes from doing.” (Oscar Arden)

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