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Since a few months there is a new restaurant in Rostock, the Vapiano. It is a restaurant with a fantastic italian menu. The Vapiano is located at the Neuer Markt in the city of Rostock. So, the place Neuer Markt became more interesting with this new restaurant. Now there is another point to meet people and to enjoy your spare-time.  

The concept of the restaurant is different in comparison to others in Rostock because it is self-service. This works quite well. There are many different self-service points where you have to order your food or drinks by yourself. You find a self-service point for salads, pasta, pizza, deserts and drinks.

Although it looks like a cafeteria, the atmosphere is totally different. The Vapiano is comfortable and pleasant except at lunch time then it mostly seems to be overfull.  For me it`s a really nice restaurant to go out. There you have not to be so formal like in a normal restaurant. You are free to order whenever you want without waiting of a waiter.


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One thought on “A new restaurant: The Vapiano

  1. A couple of months ago I looked for a new restaurant to try out. I decided upon the Italian restaurant Vapiano which was quite new back then. I´ve been told that the Vapiano has a totally different concept in comparison to other places.
    I really liked the interior design of the restaurant. It seemed very modern and clean but I perceived it as not very comfortable because the furniture consisted mostly of chairs without a back.
    The Vapiano offers a vast selection of typical Italian food which can be adapted to the guest´s taste and preferences. I took the usual salami pizza with some spinach refined with some Italian spices. The pizza was delicious and seemed to contain only fresh ingredients. For dessert I took a panna cotta which had also been very good. I can´t complain about the meals which are freshly cooked and manifold.
    What I didn´t like was the concept of self-service. I guess I was disappointed because I wasn´t aware of the concept in the first place. First you choose what you would like to eat, then you go back to your seats equipped with a beeper which makes a noise when your meal is ready to be picked up. I perceived this as uncomfortable because I feared I would overhear the noise and don´t get anything to eat. There are no waiters in the Vapiano so you have to pick up your meals yourself and bring them back to your seats on a dinner tray.
    Although the Vapiano is a nice restaurant with a modern concept I´ve come to the conclusion that it is more a modern and expensive canteen than a classical Italian restaurant. It is not my intention to bash the Vapiano but one actually has to like the concept of self-service in order to enjoy a visit to the Vapiano.

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