Poker meets Rostock – I´m all in!

Poker – a game, a sport or just a silly way to waste your money? I guess it´s a question everybody has to answer for themeselves. To me, it is more than a game. It is about the fascination and the thrill when you´re bluffing, when you win a huge pot or lose in unfortunate situations. Poker has been increased a number of players in Germany in a big way, especially because of the last years German World Series of Poker Champion Pius Heinz. He took down more than 8 Mio. $ to earn the title “World Champion”. While everybody may dream of winning such a title, only few of them try to fulfill this dream – to be the best in the world.

This may sound stupid, but there is nowhere else a way where you can be more successful as an amateur and beat a poker pro. In small steps, Poker reached Rostock – and the community is growing. There are always different players prefering different kind of places to go: in a club, for example the ST, or in casinos, where they host loads of tournaments every month in Warnemünde. Some  players arrange meetings online to play some tournaments to qualify for a big live tournament. In Rostock, the development of Poker seems pretty small if you compare it to bigger cities. I guess no one can count how many casinos one can find in Las Vegas, the city of Poker, whereas you can count Rostock´s on one hand (with one finger) :).


Poker in a club


I often hear the words: “Stop dreaming, save your money, it is just luck!” If you ask me, skill, patience and hard work are more important. Anyone needs a bit luck, but the goal is to minimize luck and bad luck in specific situations.

To get a feeling of how Poker can change life, on how poker is a game or even a sport, you should go out and feel free to try and play some hands, even if you start with some playmoney. Rostock is a place where everybody can find their own level. I guess when you say the words “I´m all in”, you might know what I´m talking about. It is a great feeling. And if someone ever asks you where you´ve learned to play this well, you may one day answer: “In Rostock”.


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I was born in the wonderful city Rostock and I love it here! Basically, I can say that I love beeing outside and try out new sport activities. Hope you´re enjoying my blogs! Will probably include loads of sport and leisure things. Cheers! /// Follow me on Facebook and Twitter! ///

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