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Guess what – I’ve got something to tell. There’s a new thing I heard of and tried out for you and me. It’s called ‘tracking’.It’s an absolute intensive training and great fun – for me.

The aim is to ride freehand or better stand still one the spot you are. It is that hard as it sounds like.

You are not really sitting on your saddle but you’re also not standing. It’s something in between. The bar and the front wheel should have position of 40 degrees  – to a side of your choice – in relation to the frame. Sounding really easy  – oh dude it’s not. Even with one hand on the bar standing on the spot makes the sweat runnin’ down your face.  In comparison to unicycle ridin’ it is ten thousand  times harder.  Holdin’ the balance is a really tough thing, finding the right position of pedals and feet even worse. After practicing you feel every single muscle in your arms and legs.  But after a while you get a feeling that is quite good and you get familiar with it. Reaching the point of standing still you are heading for the masterpiece – ridin’ backwards. One lap – two laps – freehand  – I am the king, at least you feel like one.

The way to this feeling is quite long and full of practice but it’s worth it – if you like ridin’ a Fixie like I do.  Practicing everyday half an hour is the best if you want fast results. Depending on how got your balance is and fire in your heart may let you get the first results after three to four weeks. But Rome wasn’t built in a day either.  And sometimes as dad keeps on sayin’: the way is the destination.

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