Public viewing fever in Rostock!

Flashback to the World Championship in 2010 – It must have looked very bizarre: three girls running through Milan desperately searching for a place to watch the game Germany against Argentina. Fortunately, we found an English pub in a hidden alley. It was already crowded with many fans from Germany, Argentina, and other football loving people. There was a really amazing atmosphere! But we had to sit on the ground because we were too late.

Don’t let that happen to you! That’s why in light of the close of the current European championship, we want to give you some good advice for places in Rostock where you can get carried away by football fever.

Firstly we highly recommend the “Eishalle” (have a look at map A below), where are about 1000 seats.  If you want to have a snack, you can choose between German sausages and chips. They offer also alcoholic and soft drinks. Don’t bring any food or bottles with you – the security check every bag at the entrance. There is no entry fee, so many people like to come to cheer their football teams on. It’s a fantastic atmosphere – just imagine you are in a stadium, surrounded by thousands of fans (Apparently, there aren’t that many people in the “Eishalle” – but the atmosphere is the same!) Even football grouches have no choice but to be caught-up in football fever.                                                    

Secondly, we had some good experiences watching football in the “Studentekeller” (or in the “LT-Club”) (map B below). In general it’s a place for students to go out. But during the championship it becomes a public viewing area. (No, we don’t meanbut  🙂 ) There is also no entry fee. They offer snacks and a variety of drinks for little money. The “Studentenkeller” is smaller than the “Eishalle”, but this perhaps makes it just as great a place to watch football with friends – to cheer the teams and to enjoy together when a goal was shot.

Other places in Rostock where to watch footballs are the “Scandlines-Arena”, “LT-Club”, and of course many small bars (“Salsarico”, “Alex”, …), even in Warnemünde – watching football with the light breeze of the Baltic Sea.

So let yourselves be infected with the enthusiasm of Rostock’s football fans. Enjoy the remainder of the championship and come cheer on your team – or adopt the German team in one of our recommended locations for the very best of atmospheres when here.

Greetings, Susanne & Kathi

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